Private Tech Career Coaching

Enjoy Individualized Focus on Your Ambitions
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  • Enjoy individualized focus on your goals & ambitions.
  • I collect all relevant information via email before our session, so we do not burn our session time on background.
  • You receive both a video & audio recording of your session.
  • Payment is non-refundable, so be sure before booking.

NOTE: I also accept payment via Naira transfer (₦); if you are paying Naira, do not use these links to book. Please email me


My Mentees Level Up! 💥

Arit is hands down the best mentor for new software engineers!
In the time that I have been involved in her mentorship program I have learned so much about the field and how to prepare to become a well-informed software engineer.
I love how she has a heart for women, especially mothers, and how she lays out a roadmap on how anyone who has the drive and determination can become a great software engineer.


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