About Arit Developer

Empowerment 💪🏾
My passion is empowering people to upgrade and level up their lives - be it in the tech industry, business, or personally. I’ve been honored to encourage and inspire dozens with my story and experiences. Through this dedicated space, I continue that ministry with vulnerability, humour and transparency.

Representation ✊🏾
Closely tied to my first reason, I wish to contribute to the representation of women-in-tech who are Black, over-40 and mothers.

Resources ⚙️
Through my stories, I hope to introduce my subscribers to tools, services and resources that could prove useful.

Promotion 📣
I will be sharing about a couple of programs that I run: the Frontend Learning Group for Women, and my nonprofit Our Time For Tech.

I want Arit Developer to bless, empower and motivate your life, instead of becoming another nuisance or shallow distraction. I hope you subscribe!

My Tech Story

(I recommend listening at 1.25x or 1.5x speed 😉)